Module 2 Assessment Frameworks 

Assessment what was it? How important was it? Does it helps you know one’s ability?

These are the questions kept ringing on my ears when I heard these word. Until I started my internship wayback 2003 in Peadtric setting wherein I met client and my first task is to get to know my client. I was given a sample cops of assessment to learn the process of proper way of assesing each individual. I wasn’t sure of essentially of this evaluation however, I began to learn and love it. It was a bit hard and took me how many revisions before O finalized my first ever Assessment for a cerebral palsied client.  

I realized that assessment has cyclical and linear cycle but I find it more beneficial to use a cyclical assessment because for me assessing client needs holistic approach and it needs continouos pattern to be able to acheive my goal for client’s independence. 

As an Occupational Therapist it is vital to have Initial Evaluation or Assessment for each client to track their progression or regression. Aside from this Assessment is important document to prove to parents and other multidisciplinary team that your client’s improvement is your goal. In evaluation or assessment we include personal details, subjective and objective feelings of parents or client if he/she is able to state her goal in having therapy sessions. It has also a treatment plan to state problem encountered and plan to improve those problems pertinent to Occupational Therapy sessions.

 Learning assessment module gives me knowledge how important it is in our profession either therapists, teachers or any other profession which require us to assess. It helps me understood the importance of it when it comes to continouos progression of my client as I am working in institutions dealing with special children.

 “You don’t fatten pigs by weighing them”  absolutely right same with assessing an individual’s capabilities and skills you cannot measure them by just looking at him or simply by judging him/her through his/her personality as a teacher you have to assess him by giving informal or formal test to test his/her. We have to be fair and give students same exam to test how they cope with that certain subjects.