Farewell EDS 113


“Saying goodbye is actually the hardest part however, for me it does not mean that it would be the end of my learning, but rather it is only the start of my journey in pursuing my dream to be a teacher someday. “

During the first few weeks of the course I was bewildered and totally felt out of this world since teaching is not my professional although my students who has special needs and their parents called us “teacher” too even though we are Occupational Therapist. Honestly, I do not have any knowledge in teaching and other terminologies they use in teaching. I was absolutely confused and kept contemplating during first week of the course. There was a time, I asked myself why did I came up with this kind of idea then suddenly I realized that the essence of having continuous education is necessary for me to improve learning growth and be able to apply it in doing IEP (Individual Educational Plan) for my students with special needs.

Moreover, it is almost end of the term and now I would say that I already gained experience and knowledge from what I am doing in online course. I learned to manage time since I am working fulltime and I usually give  6 hours in reading and completing task every night before I go to bed. I also want to thank our instructor for giving time in commending and checking our works. Hence, Teacher Malou never give up on reaching with me since she knows from that the start that I am away and losing track from our topic.

In addition to this, aside from learning different terminologies I also learned to work with others using workstation and doc.google.com to do the task together and be able to discuss and brainstorm. Since week 3 of the module I began to realized that I am starting to love the course and starts to roll the ball and be able to share my own experience. I never thought that taking PTC is fun too I taught it would be a boring course. Time and days come then finally I realized that I am inspired and be able to meet deadlines and looking forward to come home and sat in front of the computer reading and contemplating for me to start doing task whereas during first few weeks of the course what I usually do is procrastinating which ends up being delayed on submission of the task required.

Finally, I can say that learning is fun and fruitful if you love what you are doing. You can never gain knowledge if you let your fear and negativity restrain you from doing what you love same as in taking this course if I did not love this I won’t be able to go further from it and may be from week 2 I already give up. Being optimistic on what I am doing is what I have learned too.

Kudos to my EDS 113 classmates for being part of your journey and thank you very much to our mento Teacher Malou. You made my first few month of 2017 worthwhile and productive.







Some people says that teaching is a hard profession wherein you have to be patience, creative and diverse to overcome challenges from students and other factors which relate to teaching program. In addition to this, teacher must be willing to tech subject matter with instructional plan aligned with school’s curriculum. Traditional and non-traditional assessments must be present however, teacher usually use traditional assessment which tends student to be spoon fed with all the details regarding learning process.

I realize that becoming a teacher is not that easy you have to be good in familiarizing each student not only their names but also their behavior or personalities necessary in creating a holistic instructional plan. However, I just realize importance of non-traditional assessment which at times has been disregarded by teachers and usually prefer handling traditional test. Nowadays, students are becoming uninterested in reading as they become dependent on multiple choice question and true or false test. Students is not aware about importance of writing essay or doing an intensive study on a certain topic wherein students are intended to work with other for collaboration and sharing ideas to formulate hypothesis and conclusion. Teachers chose to give traditional assessment since it is easy to mark whereas in checking writing task or doing experiments it consumes time since you have to read it thoroughly before giving remarks. Since process in marking non-traditional test is time consuming teachers prefer to give easier test which is not challenging and teaching students to become lazy.


Lesson plan should be aligned with assessment to have a valid and reliable learning outcome. If they are misaligned students will be left puzzled and confused on what to focus or study. Table of Specification is vital so teacher will balance the items of the exam to be given and divide it evenly so both traditional and non-traditional approach in making exam. Besides curriculum must be discuss with teachers and students for them to clarify some gaps and any questions they want to be answer.


Teachers should be aware of needs of their students and equally provide for them to enjoy learning. Try new things or ideas so student won’t feel bore. If your lesson is interesting students is always looking forward on your next meet up. There is no harm on trying new concept or ideas in teaching strategies besides teaching is not a profession it should be your passion.

I am looking forward for a huge changes in education system in the Philippines wherein writing task, speaking task and other non-traditional tests would be rendered equally in teaching process. Educator should change old-fashioned way of teaching since student nowadays, are computer generated so they should level up their aids and be creative in delivering their discussion. Feedback must be given on-going learning process for the students to be aware of how they are coping on class and teacher would know if students are learning or can catch lessons. In addition to this, rubrics must be presented all the time during their teaching process for the student to be aware and strive to study harder since they knew the criteria to be judge. Building rapport and good relationship with students are vital for the teacher to be aware of their needs.

Since teachers are only instruments in rendering a hugh quality of education, the  government should provide a latest seminars and conventions for all the teachers for them to be aware of new teaching techniques and other assessment tools needed. Providing enough number of computers  necessary for non-traditional task with internet connections but students shoud be banned in  browsing social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, youtube etc means for research use only. In other words, government must invest necessary equipments and facilities in our schools so teaching skills and styles become high-class.

MODULE 5: Traditonal & Non-Traditional Assessments



It says that students’ life “is neither full of joy nor full of sorrow.” Full of joy in a sense you meet different people and make friends with them. You need to focused on studies so have excuses on doing household chores. Your parents gave you money for your food and other expenses and you can buy things you need because they are always there to support you physically, emotionally and financially. Full of sorrow is when time comes that you and your classmates who became your friends parted away maybe either the two of you are going to moved different school or your grieving because you failed an important exam that is required for you to go to the next level.

For me test is just like my conjoint twin sister it always there no matter what time and day either pre-test or post-test. I remember during my university days as soon as our professor give us pointers to review 2 weeks before the examination day. I usually make a reviewer covering the topics that teacher gave us. Then I have need to go to bed at eight o’clock in the evening and wake up at three o’clock in the morning because my mother said that it is good to study at dawn wherein your brain still fresh for 5 consecutive days I have to do it or else my mother will nag at me. (lol) In addition to this, I have to meet my close friends or few of my chosen classmates to do questions and answer to ensure that we understand and memorized everything that covers the examination. That even before going to bed or having shower I have to recite or sing with it just to make sure I won’t forget it. Not only that, I have to study well because I do not like to failed and take remedial or summer class which will ruin my summer vacation. Besides I know the hardship of my mother did for me since she is a single mom I always consider her feelings and comments with regards to my studies. I also believe that if I study hard and finish my studies time comes that I will reap what I sows now and if I wasted my time in futilities I will to lament or regret it forever.


As a student, I prefer traditional assessments such as tests consists of multiple choice, enumeration and true or false because I confidently answer it as I am good at memorization. (lol) I am actually petrified with group discussion as I do not know how to handle arguments and have debate with my classmates. Moreover, I am not pond of writing task particularly if it is in English language as I know myself very I am not good or fluent in English.

However, as I grew older I realize the importance of non-traditional assessment so I would prefer giving it to my students if I were a teacher. Since nowadays, spoon feeding is not beneficial especially student in universities needs to do thesis here they have to depend everything that they undertake on their dissertation. Oral arguments and experiments or intensive studies on subject matter must be given to students for them to be exposed on both constructivist and non-traditional approach. Through mentioned approaches learners is involving in learning process and learn to collaboratively work with others. Hence, students can apply what they have learn in real life situation.

Through my observation students at the moment is indulge with traditional assessment since non-traditional assessments such as portfolio, writings, observations etc is time consuming for both party teachers and learners. Besides, some students prefer multiple choice and other traditional assessments because it is easy to study and they can even guess answer if they do not really know the answer. They must hate doing portfolios wherein they need to do thorough research which might hinder them to focus on social media applications like facebook, Instagram or twitter.


In my conclusion, I would say that learning process should be balance in a way that both teachers and students benefits. If I became a teacher someday I would give emphasis on the importance of both traditional and non-traditional assessments as they are both constructive and favorable for the success teacher and students relationship. Changing teacher-centered paradigm to learner-paradigm to challenge student strive harder and be involve in learning process throughout their experience as student. I personally admit that I used to love traditional assessment but now I realized essence and usefulness of non-traditional assessment in authentic and realistic situation. On the other hand, for those learners who failed in the tests what I can say is that, it is only a test- it is not the end of the world and you will never learn if you did not experience failures in life.

EDS113-Formal & Informal, Summative & Formative (Module 4)


Anyone who is looking forward becoming a teacher someday should bear these questions in their mind. I know these questions are behind my teachers mind years ago especially first day of the class.

While I am doing this task I could not resist myself to look back my school days wherein I have to study different subjects everyday to be able to accomplished requirements necessary to passed primary and secondary school and college days . I remember during my first day of school at the university we were ask to make a list our expectations on that certain subject and how are we going meet those expectations. From the stat of our school days  formative and summative assessments are given to us as student to measure our learning.

 Originally from Robert Stakes ‘When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative assessment; when the customer tastes the soup, that’s summative assessment.  This quote actually describe just like the cook teacher need to pause in instruction  and “taste” where students are in their learning and understanding- formative formative assessment. And while we can use formative to monitor progress, we may need to use interim to look at growth over time. With students “eating the soup” after thy have had both formative and interim checks along the way, the results should be much stronger (achievement higher).

I could say that through different assessments whether it is formal/informal and formative/summative as a student I learnt things that I have to expect through the help of my teacher. In addition to this, I know exams, essays, reporting etc are difficult but it is all useful to be come confident on what have you learned and whenever I had difficulty on any subjects I usually consult to my teachers what I have done wrong why I have a failing grades from then on I learned lesson that assessment are not merely given every end of the term it is also on going so I can discuss it to my instructor and makes adjustments and revisions if I have to do so. However, there are some incidence that I cannot make any revision especially if it a summative assessment I accept remarks from my teachers. Nevertheless, any type of exams, essays, reporting, recitations or projects are part of assessment that could help student boost up self-esteem that can help teacher give a fair and unbiased remarks.

However, I could say that summative assessment is traditionally done in our school setting wherein you give remarks at the end o term and you cannot make any revision with it. On the other hand, formative assessment is given on on-going so it makes students aware of their performance as teacher could give feedback and learner could make changes.







Module 3





They says that high school life was the best part of our school days as we continue to explore things that we could not do during our elementary days. Who could forget those days that teachers will just come in the class and will tell you that she’s going to have an urgent meeting so she will ask the class to get a piece of paper and starts to write something regarding changes in lives of Filipinos nowadays compared to the previous decades which for us as a student would be totally out of the blue question that just came out on our teachers mind just to make us busy while spending time chatting with her colleagues instead of flicking the lesson plan and start discussing the aligned instructions included in the curriculum.

Surprise quizzes, graded recitations or practical exams will be given to our class especially if we was caught noisy or doing nothing while teacher is out. Who would forgot that moment when you almost feel humiliated because you don’t know the answer. (lol) There were times that you’re trying your very best but your best is not enough because your answer is incorrect. (hahaha)

Traditionally teachers in the Philippines uses assessment OF learning wherein they usually assess us after each term. They usually divide percentage from our quizzes, assignments, projects, examinations etc to get our final mark.

img_2469There are three purposes of assessment among these, the mode of assessment OF learning is commonly use assessment wherein student’s learning skills are measured either formally or informally which is done at the end of a unit or semester to regulate student’s mark in the class. It gives student’s level of accomplishment with regards to learning outcomes through grading system. It is also gives feedback to motivates learner and report student’s achievements to parents and other colleagues.

Assessment FOR learning and AS learning, takes place in progress or during a unit or block of instruction wherein both teacher and student learn from one another and gives opportunity to share what they have learned. Assessment OF learning teachers gives their remarks at the end of the term while on the other hand FOR learning and AS learning assessment teachers gives feedback constantly to ensure that learners’ varied needs be monitor and be check if it is set on right track. Through these purposes it helps learners improve their level of performance as they take part on learning process and starts to boost up their self-esteem and apply it to learning process.

An aligned assessment is beneficial for both teacher and student. Aside from this, students become interested to learn if instruction is well aligned and if is focused or assessed on what they have taught. A well aligned assessment is teaching should involve real learning so student can apply assessment into daily instruction and classroom activities.


On the other hand, a misaligned assessment disconnect the connection of learning objectives, from learning activities and assessment it means that the course may be fragmented and ineffective. Students might confused on what they should learn or spend time on activities that do not lead intended goals. In addition to this student may either overestimate or underestimate the effectiveness instruction.