Farewell EDS 113


“Saying goodbye is actually the hardest part however, for me it does not mean that it would be the end of my learning, but rather it is only the start of my journey in pursuing my dream to be a teacher someday. “

During the first few weeks of the course I was bewildered and totally felt out of this world since teaching is not my professional although my students who has special needs and their parents called us “teacher” too even though we are Occupational Therapist. Honestly, I do not have any knowledge in teaching and other terminologies they use in teaching. I was absolutely confused and kept contemplating during first week of the course. There was a time, I asked myself why did I came up with this kind of idea then suddenly I realized that the essence of having continuous education is necessary for me to improve learning growth and be able to apply it in doing IEP (Individual Educational Plan) for my students with special needs.

Moreover, it is almost end of the term and now I would say that I already gained experience and knowledge from what I am doing in online course. I learned to manage time since I am working fulltime and I usually give  6 hours in reading and completing task every night before I go to bed. I also want to thank our instructor for giving time in commending and checking our works. Hence, Teacher Malou never give up on reaching with me since she knows from that the start that I am away and losing track from our topic.

In addition to this, aside from learning different terminologies I also learned to work with others using workstation and doc.google.com to do the task together and be able to discuss and brainstorm. Since week 3 of the module I began to realized that I am starting to love the course and starts to roll the ball and be able to share my own experience. I never thought that taking PTC is fun too I taught it would be a boring course. Time and days come then finally I realized that I am inspired and be able to meet deadlines and looking forward to come home and sat in front of the computer reading and contemplating for me to start doing task whereas during first few weeks of the course what I usually do is procrastinating which ends up being delayed on submission of the task required.

Finally, I can say that learning is fun and fruitful if you love what you are doing. You can never gain knowledge if you let your fear and negativity restrain you from doing what you love same as in taking this course if I did not love this I won’t be able to go further from it and may be from week 2 I already give up. Being optimistic on what I am doing is what I have learned too.

Kudos to my EDS 113 classmates for being part of your journey and thank you very much to our mento Teacher Malou. You made my first few month of 2017 worthwhile and productive.





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