Some people says that teaching is a hard profession wherein you have to be patience, creative and diverse to overcome challenges from students and other factors which relate to teaching program. In addition to this, teacher must be willing to tech subject matter with instructional plan aligned with school’s curriculum. Traditional and non-traditional assessments must be present however, teacher usually use traditional assessment which tends student to be spoon fed with all the details regarding learning process.

I realize that becoming a teacher is not that easy you have to be good in familiarizing each student not only their names but also their behavior or personalities necessary in creating a holistic instructional plan. However, I just realize importance of non-traditional assessment which at times has been disregarded by teachers and usually prefer handling traditional test. Nowadays, students are becoming uninterested in reading as they become dependent on multiple choice question and true or false test. Students is not aware about importance of writing essay or doing an intensive study on a certain topic wherein students are intended to work with other for collaboration and sharing ideas to formulate hypothesis and conclusion. Teachers chose to give traditional assessment since it is easy to mark whereas in checking writing task or doing experiments it consumes time since you have to read it thoroughly before giving remarks. Since process in marking non-traditional test is time consuming teachers prefer to give easier test which is not challenging and teaching students to become lazy.


Lesson plan should be aligned with assessment to have a valid and reliable learning outcome. If they are misaligned students will be left puzzled and confused on what to focus or study. Table of Specification is vital so teacher will balance the items of the exam to be given and divide it evenly so both traditional and non-traditional approach in making exam. Besides curriculum must be discuss with teachers and students for them to clarify some gaps and any questions they want to be answer.


Teachers should be aware of needs of their students and equally provide for them to enjoy learning. Try new things or ideas so student won’t feel bore. If your lesson is interesting students is always looking forward on your next meet up. There is no harm on trying new concept or ideas in teaching strategies besides teaching is not a profession it should be your passion.

I am looking forward for a huge changes in education system in the Philippines wherein writing task, speaking task and other non-traditional tests would be rendered equally in teaching process. Educator should change old-fashioned way of teaching since student nowadays, are computer generated so they should level up their aids and be creative in delivering their discussion. Feedback must be given on-going learning process for the students to be aware of how they are coping on class and teacher would know if students are learning or can catch lessons. In addition to this, rubrics must be presented all the time during their teaching process for the student to be aware and strive to study harder since they knew the criteria to be judge. Building rapport and good relationship with students are vital for the teacher to be aware of their needs.

Since teachers are only instruments in rendering a hugh quality of education, the  government should provide a latest seminars and conventions for all the teachers for them to be aware of new teaching techniques and other assessment tools needed. Providing enough number of computers  necessary for non-traditional task with internet connections but students shoud be banned in  browsing social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, youtube etc means for research use only. In other words, government must invest necessary equipments and facilities in our schools so teaching skills and styles become high-class.


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