MODULE 5: Traditonal & Non-Traditional Assessments



It says that students’ life “is neither full of joy nor full of sorrow.” Full of joy in a sense you meet different people and make friends with them. You need to focused on studies so have excuses on doing household chores. Your parents gave you money for your food and other expenses and you can buy things you need because they are always there to support you physically, emotionally and financially. Full of sorrow is when time comes that you and your classmates who became your friends parted away maybe either the two of you are going to moved different school or your grieving because you failed an important exam that is required for you to go to the next level.

For me test is just like my conjoint twin sister it always there no matter what time and day either pre-test or post-test. I remember during my university days as soon as our professor give us pointers to review 2 weeks before the examination day. I usually make a reviewer covering the topics that teacher gave us. Then I have need to go to bed at eight o’clock in the evening and wake up at three o’clock in the morning because my mother said that it is good to study at dawn wherein your brain still fresh for 5 consecutive days I have to do it or else my mother will nag at me. (lol) In addition to this, I have to meet my close friends or few of my chosen classmates to do questions and answer to ensure that we understand and memorized everything that covers the examination. That even before going to bed or having shower I have to recite or sing with it just to make sure I won’t forget it. Not only that, I have to study well because I do not like to failed and take remedial or summer class which will ruin my summer vacation. Besides I know the hardship of my mother did for me since she is a single mom I always consider her feelings and comments with regards to my studies. I also believe that if I study hard and finish my studies time comes that I will reap what I sows now and if I wasted my time in futilities I will to lament or regret it forever.


As a student, I prefer traditional assessments such as tests consists of multiple choice, enumeration and true or false because I confidently answer it as I am good at memorization. (lol) I am actually petrified with group discussion as I do not know how to handle arguments and have debate with my classmates. Moreover, I am not pond of writing task particularly if it is in English language as I know myself very I am not good or fluent in English.

However, as I grew older I realize the importance of non-traditional assessment so I would prefer giving it to my students if I were a teacher. Since nowadays, spoon feeding is not beneficial especially student in universities needs to do thesis here they have to depend everything that they undertake on their dissertation. Oral arguments and experiments or intensive studies on subject matter must be given to students for them to be exposed on both constructivist and non-traditional approach. Through mentioned approaches learners is involving in learning process and learn to collaboratively work with others. Hence, students can apply what they have learn in real life situation.

Through my observation students at the moment is indulge with traditional assessment since non-traditional assessments such as portfolio, writings, observations etc is time consuming for both party teachers and learners. Besides, some students prefer multiple choice and other traditional assessments because it is easy to study and they can even guess answer if they do not really know the answer. They must hate doing portfolios wherein they need to do thorough research which might hinder them to focus on social media applications like facebook, Instagram or twitter.


In my conclusion, I would say that learning process should be balance in a way that both teachers and students benefits. If I became a teacher someday I would give emphasis on the importance of both traditional and non-traditional assessments as they are both constructive and favorable for the success teacher and students relationship. Changing teacher-centered paradigm to learner-paradigm to challenge student strive harder and be involve in learning process throughout their experience as student. I personally admit that I used to love traditional assessment but now I realized essence and usefulness of non-traditional assessment in authentic and realistic situation. On the other hand, for those learners who failed in the tests what I can say is that, it is only a test- it is not the end of the world and you will never learn if you did not experience failures in life.


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