EDS113-Formal & Informal, Summative & Formative (Module 4)


Anyone who is looking forward becoming a teacher someday should bear these questions in their mind. I know these questions are behind my teachers mind years ago especially first day of the class.

While I am doing this task I could not resist myself to look back my school days wherein I have to study different subjects everyday to be able to accomplished requirements necessary to passed primary and secondary school and college days . I remember during my first day of school at the university we were ask to make a list our expectations on that certain subject and how are we going meet those expectations. From the stat of our school days  formative and summative assessments are given to us as student to measure our learning.

 Originally from Robert Stakes ‘When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative assessment; when the customer tastes the soup, that’s summative assessment.  This quote actually describe just like the cook teacher need to pause in instruction  and “taste” where students are in their learning and understanding- formative formative assessment. And while we can use formative to monitor progress, we may need to use interim to look at growth over time. With students “eating the soup” after thy have had both formative and interim checks along the way, the results should be much stronger (achievement higher).

I could say that through different assessments whether it is formal/informal and formative/summative as a student I learnt things that I have to expect through the help of my teacher. In addition to this, I know exams, essays, reporting etc are difficult but it is all useful to be come confident on what have you learned and whenever I had difficulty on any subjects I usually consult to my teachers what I have done wrong why I have a failing grades from then on I learned lesson that assessment are not merely given every end of the term it is also on going so I can discuss it to my instructor and makes adjustments and revisions if I have to do so. However, there are some incidence that I cannot make any revision especially if it a summative assessment I accept remarks from my teachers. Nevertheless, any type of exams, essays, reporting, recitations or projects are part of assessment that could help student boost up self-esteem that can help teacher give a fair and unbiased remarks.

However, I could say that summative assessment is traditionally done in our school setting wherein you give remarks at the end o term and you cannot make any revision with it. On the other hand, formative assessment is given on on-going so it makes students aware of their performance as teacher could give feedback and learner could make changes.








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