Module 3





They says that high school life was the best part of our school days as we continue to explore things that we could not do during our elementary days. Who could forget those days that teachers will just come in the class and will tell you that she’s going to have an urgent meeting so she will ask the class to get a piece of paper and starts to write something regarding changes in lives of Filipinos nowadays compared to the previous decades which for us as a student would be totally out of the blue question that just came out on our teachers mind just to make us busy while spending time chatting with her colleagues instead of flicking the lesson plan and start discussing the aligned instructions included in the curriculum.

Surprise quizzes, graded recitations or practical exams will be given to our class especially if we was caught noisy or doing nothing while teacher is out. Who would forgot that moment when you almost feel humiliated because you don’t know the answer. (lol) There were times that you’re trying your very best but your best is not enough because your answer is incorrect. (hahaha)

Traditionally teachers in the Philippines uses assessment OF learning wherein they usually assess us after each term. They usually divide percentage from our quizzes, assignments, projects, examinations etc to get our final mark.

img_2469There are three purposes of assessment among these, the mode of assessment OF learning is commonly use assessment wherein student’s learning skills are measured either formally or informally which is done at the end of a unit or semester to regulate student’s mark in the class. It gives student’s level of accomplishment with regards to learning outcomes through grading system. It is also gives feedback to motivates learner and report student’s achievements to parents and other colleagues.

Assessment FOR learning and AS learning, takes place in progress or during a unit or block of instruction wherein both teacher and student learn from one another and gives opportunity to share what they have learned. Assessment OF learning teachers gives their remarks at the end of the term while on the other hand FOR learning and AS learning assessment teachers gives feedback constantly to ensure that learners’ varied needs be monitor and be check if it is set on right track. Through these purposes it helps learners improve their level of performance as they take part on learning process and starts to boost up their self-esteem and apply it to learning process.

An aligned assessment is beneficial for both teacher and student. Aside from this, students become interested to learn if instruction is well aligned and if is focused or assessed on what they have taught. A well aligned assessment is teaching should involve real learning so student can apply assessment into daily instruction and classroom activities.


On the other hand, a misaligned assessment disconnect the connection of learning objectives, from learning activities and assessment it means that the course may be fragmented and ineffective. Students might confused on what they should learn or spend time on activities that do not lead intended goals. In addition to this student may either overestimate or underestimate the effectiveness instruction.




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